Monday, July 28

Monday Odd Shot

The warm summer gives me problems creating or finding really Odd Shots this monday. Hopefully will the photo taken some time ago during Easter be a little ODD this time of the year.If you want another Odd photo this shot of the Scandinavian Women Association Singapore 1996 is odd if you combine it with my wife´s tailor who remembered her 12 years after our stay. He also remembered the lady most left. Good customers?
and may be some of them are bloggers today.And at last as a greeting to anemone on vacation. Hopefully she has come to a conclusion regarding her hair challenge before she return to the blogging world.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

The snow and skis look really good this time of year, don't they?

How nice your wife's tailor remembers after all thee years.

No comment about the hair!

Texas Travelers said...

Could use some snow. It's a hot summer.

The rest is odd.

Our odd shot is found Here.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha

JC said...

Lol... the hair is too much ;-)

Rambling Woods said...

Hello Arnea. I will take the snow as it has been toooo hot here..Michelle

babooshka said...

The hair is really too odd. I'll take the crisp clean snow too.

becky voyles said...

The later part was too funny!