Friday, July 11

Saturday Urban life - Thaipusam Singapore

This Saturday our Urban life goes more than 12 years back; to the memorable time we had when living in Asia and staying Singapore.

Being Expat-citizens of Singapore we had to participate in some of the festivals the different groups of citizens celebrated. In Singapore about 8.8% are Indians and more than 100 000 Tamils live side by side with Chinese (75,2%), Malay (13,6%) and Eurasians (2,4%).
In the beginning of February the Indians are celebrating Lord Murugan (Subramaniam) in the Thaipusam Festival.

One of the highlights during this festival is the procession from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple in Little India to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple at Tank Road about 3-4 km route, where young men are dancing and carrying or dragging their KADAVI through the streets.Before he starts walking this man´s mouth, tongue and cheeks are penetrated with needlesHis chest are filled with limes (others use milkbottles) hanging in fish hooks.
And when he has passed you see that the Kadavi is fastened to his back with even more fish hooks.
Others are carrying large kadavi on their shoulders but here also fastened to the body and skin by needles.
If you are planning a trip to Asia in the year to come, why not look for an opening to travel to Singapore in january/february.


Denise said...

Fish hooks? What people will do for their art! Dedication? Devotion?

Anonymous said...

Art for each and everyone of us! ;) It's a matter of taste and a matter of culture but I must say that I wouldn't enjoy seeing that kind of art. Anyway, I give a big hurrah for the freedom of people to express themselves.