Thursday, July 3

Photo Safari - Animal connections

Based upon my photos from last week I will present some of the animals and birds we met during our stay at the NorthWest part of Norway.

In Norddal we met Goats and at Flem island we met calves (male and female) and saw lots of birds. I have only a small camera, and am not a bird watcher / catcher. I even do not know the English names of all birds, but nevertheless here are some of my shots during this Photo Safari.
One of the photos are taken on board the ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger when a man fed the Seagulls with bread.

First photo is two goats measuring strengthand of course Dr. Dyregod had to give the looser some comfortNext day the rumor about Tullen followed her up to Herdalsæter where the goats family wanted to say helloDuring our stay at Sykkylven we only met some cats, but the local citizens gave a warm welcomeArriving Eidet the one year calves was relaxing in the field, but immediately started to dance and wanted to get our attention.
I am nor so fond of animals as my wife, and I think some of them seems already clear for the bullfight in Spain.But as usual Tullen like the close contact.Above the Seagulls secured the area for their small ones and that was the same for the "Tjeld"
The "Hegre" was watching the tide for some food, and at the stone the "Skarv" was resting between their trips to the fishing field away from the shore.
The journey back to Oslo went through the Geiranger Fjord where the Seagulls was fed by passengers and as a special greetings to RuneE I have to end this Safari with "Måser i Masta" onboard the ferry:

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