Friday, July 4

Friday sunsets

In a district of Norway where it is four seasons during a week and even sometimes during a day, catching the sun when it touch the horizon is really difficult.
However I made some attempts and the result is presented here on my version of the Sky Watch Friday.
First the sunset on the 22nd when the stormy and rainy weather was coming from the southwest at half past eleven that night:Next evening the sun at the Island of Flems a quarter to nine gave us a spectacular view:with sunbeams through the wet clouds far out in the west, but no red colors tonight.
The weather last Friday night was better for colorful sunset:and a cruise liner heading north had a beautiful view at sea
11.40 some clouds covered the sun touching the horizon, but the sunset was paintable.


Denise said...

We were on a fery,,,,ths very time one week ago! Heading to Holland!

Katney said...

I am more and more realizing what the appeal is for the Sky Watch meme. Though I don't participate in it, I enjoy so many sunsets such as these each week.