Saturday, July 19

Saturday Urban Life - Copenhagen

I promised to go on Photo Safari ( see Petunias sidebar ) during my short stay in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen this week.
The problem is to choose which photos to show. Should they be "family"-photos, Artistic, Photo-technical great (almost impossible by me), or just describe something of what we saw when strolling (between my wife´s shopping) up and down the streets in the center of the city.

The result is:

Leaving Norway at 06.08.38 am catching Sponvika from the new Svinesund-bridgeAt 10.19.04 am (no speed control please) we left Sweden over the Øresund BridgeComing early to Copenhagen we made some strolling prior to the lunch at "The Small Pharmacy" and the dish was described in my thursday post:Then the typical Copenhagen city environment is digitalized:Bicycles can be seen all over the city and some are covered with flowers. The Danes have real bicycle-culture and the cycle-people in Oslo have much to learn by going there. Here they are waitung for Green Light when crossing the road.
Public art is sometimes also playground for children, and since August 15th 2007 Denmark has
a ban against smoking in busses, schools and institutions, locations accessible to the public such as museums, all workplaces, with exceptions possible in one-man offices and the most important: indoor food serving places
Queuing up for the daily RED Hot Dog (mandatory for visitors)
or go to Nyhavn for a beer or/and a "frokost-platte"
Copenhagen´s greatest attraction must be Tivoli. The park is partly an amusement area with horrifying roller coasters etc., bur Tivoli is also a Pleasure Garden with good restaurants, pubs and tranquility areas.
The Tivoli Guards marching,The horrifying Dæmonen rollercoaster features an Immelmann loop, a loop, and a Zero-G roll. Thanks god the tour only takes two minutes.The world's tallest carousel, Himmelskibet, opened in Tivoli in 2006. It is 80 meters high and is built by the Austrian company, Funtime.
The Nimb for posh dinners
Outside Tivoli in streets and squares we can be entertained by Street Dancers and Folk DancersWhen the Photo Safari gives you a break, locate Hviids Vinstue at Kongens Nytorv etablished 1723, and ask for a beer. You are worth it.!


Andrea said...

I love the view on the bridge. Looks like a good time was had by all who attended this event.

Have a great weekend.

RuneE said...

Du har jo også fått med deg en bro (som du vel også ha brukt før?)!

PS Lykke til med A=Alter...

John said...

En gammel arbeids kollega av meg har sommersted i Sponvika, har vært der et par ganger og det er virkelig et idylliskt sted sommerstid.

Nå er det vel snart ti år siden vi var i Køben og fristelsen til å ta en tur igjen blir ikke noe mindre av å se på bildene dine.
Sier det igjen, København er en flott by. Meget koselig i Nyhavn med uterestauranter, puber, båtliv. osv. Og ikke minst i Tivoli selv om man ikke kjører noe lenger.

Jerez said...

Copenhagen, another city I have wanted to visit, Thanks for the tour! Closest I have gotten since I sold Scandinavian furniture and have it in my home!
A charming city, the kind of city that makes life very full, and lively I see!
Where I live smoking has also been completely banned, One cannot even smoke with 25 feet of any public building, including bars! In Seattle proper that would put you in the middle of a street!
There are puffing zones, and I still have to hold my breathe when I walk by them!
Japan was quite a bicycle culture, so nice to ride bikes everyday, and they were equipped with small locks that simply made the wheel not turn. You didn't actually need to lock them to a thing, Japan is such honest a country, Theft is almost non existent, Refreshing!
Nice visit with you today!