Saturday, July 12

Dubai and Oman/ Muscat once more

Last Friday I received a comment to my sky watch post from Oman Holiday with updated information about Oman, Muscat and the fantastic Al Bustan Palace Hotel. (Thanks). That made it clear that I had to present some more of my 1996 photos from the Middle East.

Our trip to Oman started from Singapore via Dubai.Dubai has since our last visit changed a lot so many of our memories may be gone in today tourist paradise, but The Creek is still there.We went by bus through the desert from UAE to Oman and Muscat, and the road signs made it clear that it was not Moose or other nordic animals for what the driver should be on alert.Close to the border we took a break and could relax in local surroundingsThe first impression of the modern Oman was all the beautiful roundaboutsbut the Hotel lobby at Al Bustan was almost breathtaking. The rooms had the highest standard and as you can see from the first photo in this post the beach and gardens absolute five stars.One of our dinners we had in a tent outside the hotel, sitting on persian carpets and served by arabs in traditional style.The cooking ladies also danced and performed local songs in their colorful dresses. Some of our ladies had to join the dance.As normal, when the Asia Pacific Management Team was occupied with discussions and decisions in the hotel´s meeting rooms, the spouses had sightseeing to ancient fortress and could visit local markets (as they did to the Gold Souk in Dubai).
The ladies here are: Gunilla (Sweeden), Olga (Greece), Mariana (Holland), Marianne(Sweden/Norway) and May Britt (Norway).Close to Nizwa with the fish market, the ruins of the old village Tanuf was visited.

And if they wanted to shop (Black belt in shopping was quite common) the local currency looked like this:We absolute recommend Oman, Muscat and Al Bustan to those eager for extraordinary holiday adventures.


Anemone said...

Tar av meg hatten for en bereist herre !!! :-)))

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