Saturday, July 26

Why continue with Blogging

Yesterday my friend RuneE in his blog told about good reason not to blog.

Temperature above 30C --- Yes
Red and Black Current ready for harvesting --- May be.

Here at my cottage in Oslo the temperature ended at 30C so the shadow at by balcony gives me many possibilities to work with canvas and colors. The result may well be called Headmaster because it is the end of Tullen´s holiday this weekend. The upcoming three weeks she has to take days off due to the absence of the pupils.

However, call it what you want, the situation with relaxed days and sunbathing under a blue sky remains.

Within days we also have to clean the red current bush and continue to have raspberries for dessert.


Ivarivrig said...

Flotte bilder du lager. De damene i avslappet positur er toppers, men så er jo damekroppen veldig vakker da, ikke sant??? Fortsett med dine kunstverk. Du er dyktig.

RuneE said...

You have a very nice model for your paintings - so you'll have to share the honour!

We have had three rounds of juice-maing and the fourth is on the way. Could probably double that, but we are leaving tomorrow.

Otherwise - thank you for nice comments!

PS 27 degrees at 10.20

Paulie said...

Neat painting! I envy your raspberry bushes! I bought some at a store yesterday and ate every one of them! They were scrumptious. I will have to get more at farmers market today!