Friday, July 25

Night, Morning and Friday

Around midnight the moon came on a visit at the eastern sky.
Eight hours later the mist is leaving the green area,
and the summer morning (with 20C) is ready to give us a warm and beautiful Friday.
The Sky is blue, it is Día Nacional de Galicia (English: National Day of Galicia), also Día da Patria Galega (English: Day of the Galician Fatherland).
The autonomous community of Galicia (Spain) celebrates its national holiday. I only have to send greetings to Rachel in Brighton and give her some memories of her last stay in Norway.


Denise said...

It is warm here too so I am out enjoying the garden!

Paulie said...

Nice series of photos! I looked and looked for the full moon last week and couldn't find it at night -- just in the daytime. sigh


Marvelous photos!

Fantastic post!

Have a happy weekend!

Marie said...

Flott innlegg! 30gr her også, herleg med sommar -endeleg!