Monday, July 21

Monday Odd Shots

Since I stayed a couple nights at Copenhagen, my Odd Shots this week must come from this Danish Capital. 
For other Odd Shots visit Katney´s Kaboodie

The most odd within the blogging world last week must however be the numbers of participants in New SkyWatch. My last count was 324 Linkies although only 113 gave Tom feedback by making comments.
Thist week Denise will change the rules for ABC Wednesday, and may be that will be the way to go in the future for blog fellowships.

So on to the Odd Copenhagen
The first is the Button Lady at Ripley's Believe It or Not! at "Rådhusplassen".But my preferred Odd Shot is an ordinary Cafe Table. The Odd thing is the Red Tuborg.
Rød Tuborg is a bavarian beer which Tuborg Breweries started the production of in 1875.
They stopped the production of the Red beer at the end of 2002 because of sale declining. Due to many protests it was relaunched 14. may 2007 for a limited period. From 30th April 2008 to the end of May a new limited numbers of bottles was sent out in the market. I got the beer at Hviids Vinstue last week. That´s odd, but: Excellent!
Cheers! or if you are going to a new country this summer, the way to say "Skål" can be found here


Stacey Huston said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I am still having trouble commenting on Blogger, but will try this again (grin) You asked for my email. it is Can also be found on my site.. Thanks again

CaBaCuRl said...

Hi Arne...replying to your blog comment re ABC Wed. with my email address

ANNA-LYS said...

Cheers my dear friend!


John said...

Har faktisk aldrig prøvd den røde men det er blitt mange grønne når vi har vært dere nede. Den ser mørk ut på bilde, den er kansje sterkere og noe alla våre eksport kansje.

Lilli & Nevada said...

I love Ripley's they have some amazing stuff. Like your new blog lay out as well. Don't get to visit often in the summer time as we are busy here at the motel. but do try to get in once in awhile

RuneE said...

Rødt øl, hm - rød vin ja.
Elefanter for meg.

Spennende med den den nye ABC - blir nok mer oversiktlig. Tallene for SKY Watch gir imidlertid grunn til ettertanke - hvor mange deltakere er reelle??

PS Hilsen via UMTS...

Ivarivrig said...

Hei og takk for hyggelig kommentar. Jeg fant Aalborg Nordguld i sommer og det er blitt min favoritt. Ha en fortsatt fin sommer

GundaM said...

Det var da litt av en knappedame! Har da noen knapper liggende jeg og men finner vel på noe annet rart;)

Likte godt det nederste bildet, skål og takk for bursdagshilsenen!

Paulie said...

Not sure how I missed seeing your selections for odd shots but glad I came today because I wouldn't want to miss the "button lady" which I love!

Glad your preferred odd shot beer was back for you!