Sunday, September 7

Reineskarvet and Hallingskarvet

As a follow-up of this week autumn colors photo safari in the Norwegian mountains, I will this Sunday bring you to the north western part of Buskerud County, which will mean that the photo shots are close to the very inner center of south Norway.

I will start with Hallingskarvet (highest peak Folarskardnuten 1933m) which you can see behind me on this photo taken from Sangefjell 1197m, in Hol municipality. Tullen (carrying my jacket) is much closer on this photo and invites you to a meeting at the foremost Norwegian Philosopher Arne Næss cabin "Tvergastein". Start at Prestholt and take the Philosophy Tour
Naess calls his own ultimate philosophy Ecosophy T. It is deeply influenced by Norwegian friluftsliv (a movement to experience living in the outdoors, see Henderson, 1997), Gandhian nonviolence, Mahayana Buddhism and Spinozan pantheism. T refers to Tvergastein, Naess's mountain hut in Norway, where much of Ecosophy T was worked out. The T also refers to the Norwegian word for interpretation (tolkning) which is central to his philosophy of language and communication. A basic norm in Naess's Ecosophy T is Self realization!--for all beings. The Self to be realized for humans is not the ego self (small s), but the larger ecological Self (cap S). This self/Self distinction has affinities with Mahayana Buddhism. Naess says we can realize our ecological Selves in a number of ways. The way he talks most about is extension of identification. He prefaces this by saying that he assumes one is well integrated and has a healthy ego so as to avoid projection of the small self and its shadow.
In the following photo you can see the cabin at the ridge of the hill behind me. The path down the hill was easier to go than climbing up.North east of Hallingskarvet we find Reineskarvet in Ål municipality.
The way up is quite easy if you start in "Lauvdalen" and climb westward.
Looking east you can see the "Lauvdals knappen" and the Blue Moutains. At the lake above Tullens head, there is a small mountain farm where she stayed three summers at the age of 8 to 11. Returning to this place 40 years later made many memories and feelings come back.
At the eastern summit (1733m) the wind requires more clothes.
and there is a fantastic view to the north, Jotunheimen and the highest summits in Norway. Click at the photo and see the peaks.


mrsnesbitt said...

Love the varied wardrobe of your wife Arne! Fantastic pictures.

Marie said...

WOW, så flotte bilde!
Ser ut ti å ha vore ein topp tur! Topptur har det iallefall vore det viser bilda :)

ANNA-LYS said...

Arne Naess filosofi ligger mig mycket varmt om hjärtat!

God Söndag!

John said...

Flott bilde serie men fin og interessant informasjon.
Det er flott i den norske fjellheimen.

Dick said...

Wonderful landscape, great pictures

Ivar Ivrig said...

Interessant :-) Og gjett om det kribler i beina etter å komme seg ut i høstfjellet...

PERBS said...

Once again I loved my arm chair tour!