Saturday, September 6

Bogstadveien market

Urban life

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Paulie said...

Looks like entertainment too!
I am adding this because you seem to be lost finding my new blog. You rote this on my old blog:
Still have problems finding your present blog.
Please make an automatic link to the new or give me your url

The old one was about postcards and so is the new one.

You made it to the old blog fine and left a comment just now. . . The TOP post has a link to perbs there. it is on the second line and highlighted.
When you click the link you arrive directly at my page.

If you don't do that, you can click on your LIVE FEED where my name is and go directly there also.

OR if you want, you can click perbs on a comment I left you and get to my blog list. Choose the name with postcards in it. I did that on purpose. If you click on one of the others, they are nice blogs also, just more specific about a certain topic.

I think the only thing you haven't done is to update YOUR list so here is the url for my site. Blogger now makes it easy to edit link lists because you just copy the link into their link list and it adds it. To rememebr that perbs is Paulie, just change the "new name" which is just my initials for all my names.

Sorry you are having trouble. I tried visiting everyone I usually go to in order to make sure that each knew perbs = paulie's intials Hope this explains what is happening and gives you the right link you are looking for next time.