Wednesday, September 3

My hats and other headgear

Every May 17th the Royal Family of Norway stand at the Royal Palace Balcony and greets the Children parade.
They all wear hats, and media (and my wife) are always concerned with the ladies´headgear that change according to fashion. The King and Crown Prince´s silk hats are always the same.

As readers of this blog know I am often wearing hat, but also other headgear like headscarfs, sou´wester and caps.

As a young boy when joining the school-band and playing the trombone, special uniform headgear had to be used. The first photo is from Cristmas 1963 in the band´s uniform.The next photo is taken three years later and if not in black and white, the cap would be blue. The more formal Student´s Cap which is the only time I used that, and also the last time that I had no hair on the chin and lower cheeks .For many years I only had one cap. This I "got" from a baby at Mallorca, Spain early 70s. The blue and white cap followed me on holidays year after year. Still some in my family wants to use it at the cottage during summertime. This photo is from early 90s during a sailing race in the fjord of Oslo.I am not so fond of caps anymore. But when the cold wind is blowing during fishing or the hairless skull needs protection for the development of skin cancer, it is possible to see me working with that boring headgear.Party hats have also been part of my outfit.Dancing in the dark and Rally driver with Bowler
Some times I was looking like a lumberjack
When casual and in informal situations I have many examples of using headscarfs (like a pirate) in red, blue, white or blackThe above is from a "Christmas party" at Bjorli, Norway and the next photos are from Italy.
Alberobello, Puglia Matera, Basilicata
But in Verona, Veneto I am wearing a handmade crochet capOf course, I also wear hats on vacation. The next one is from Pescheria del Garda, ItalyMy Black Beret has also been around the world like Fuengirola, Spain and Hamburg, GermanyThen the time has come to present some of my collection of hats for summer and more darker seasons.
The last buy this summer was the Panama Hat.but at the cottage I have several other light hats for shade during Cafe Avec or when working outdoors in sunshine.
and the last light beige is from Kiel, GermanyOne of my blue hats I wear on the next picture together with my wife and another hat user; the art painter Terje Fagermo.The one with the red ribbon is blackand the first brown hat is the same as the one at my blogger headingwhile the second is from last winter investment.When writing this post I have found out that I still have some hats in the hat shelf without photos taken, so I move on to a headgear that I only use if the stormy weather and heavy rain. It makes no need for umbrella, and is my Sydvest. Looks almost like a firefighter helmetWe started with hats used by royalties at our Constitution day, and end this cocktail with mine own creation (and Tullen´s Mantilla / Kjærringskaut) as part of our national costumes, worn on the same day.The fall and winter are coming closer. Not only skin cancer has to be taken seriously. Hats and other headgear may be useful in the months to come for all of us.


RuneE said...

Skikkelig selveksponering - den der posten kommer Anemone til å like når hun er tilbake - det er best du går i dekning!!!

PS Du kunne jo ta med noe om hvorfor vi alltid må gå med noe på "toppen"...

ANNA-LYS said...

Hi Handsome Gut!

This was an amusing hat parade!!!
You sure captured my attention


Ivar Ivrig said...

Du er en mann for din hatt.
Og et stort skjegg innimellom og en diger torsk da gitt. den var sikkert tung å dra opp.
Flott bildeserie

Marie said...

Anemone må kjøpe mange hattar skal ho slå dette, hehe.

Tone said...

:) duverden, her var det hodeplagg for einkvar smak gitt!

Ida said...

Du er virkelig en mann for dine hatter og andre hodeplagg. ;)

John said...

Det først som slo meg var "mann for sin hatt" men den var brukt opp ser jeg og "fått så hatt passer" blir vel ikke riktig. :-)
Dette var en imponerende bildeserie med hode plagg Arne.

Her i huset finnes det kun noen capsèr og en blå beret med et anker på som er et minne fra min plikt for kongen og fedrelandet.

Tootie said...

I came to look at the sky watch photo, but started looking at hats instead. You have surely had many of great hats! :-)

PERBS said...

Love you in your stormy weather hat! Also, the header hat makes you look very dapper! I hate hats and wear only during snow.

becky voyles said...

You are definetly a man of many hats! LOL Loved this post and the fall colors in your sky watch