Tuesday, September 2

Tuesday Facts - Fighting Walls

Facts coming:
1. Returned from the cottage on Saturday, but back yesterday afternoon where we worked more than two hours with removing old panels on the walls. The old and original walls appeared and will be treated according to present commands from the Lady of the house. At the end of the month or next spring you will see the ROI (return on investment).
2. Prior to these hours of carpentering I had to put paintings on my studio walls. Some new and some done some time ago. (believe this method was not what the ladies at Trøndelag meant) 3. The most important fact for this Tuesday was, however, that I yesterday once more started to exercise at my fitness center Elixia.
I have since the DVT (Economy class syndrome) last fall had some motivation problems with the training. It has been a hurdle or even a thick wall to pass. Now the first visit is over and my body hurts but more regular visits will come. Every second day form now on. The body needs it.


PERBS said...

Wow! A whole wall of your paintings! Good luck with your exercise club -- I am trying to get in more walking--of course my camera walks with me! I bet your new walls will look woodnerful!

RuneE said...

Lykke til med snekkeri, maleri og treneri - jeg får holde meg til fotografi og fysioterapi.

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh yes the daily exercise. Phew! Yes, we will be doing 2 runs on the mountain bike.

Anemone said...

Flott da at du har komet igang med treningen. Etterhvert kommer vel motivasjonen tilbake skal du se.... når de unge damer i tettsittende treningtøy melder seg :-))) og kjenner jeg deg rett har du ikke glemt dine "flirte" triks du heller!! Glimt i øyet som du har... bergenseren har det jo glimtet i linsa.

Flott dag til deg.

Anonymous said...

Lykke til videre med treningen! Selv går jeg ut når du går inn.

Ida said...

Håper du får like stor glede av treningen som jeg får av å se på bildene dine.
Lykke til med motivasjon og inspirasjon videre.