Wednesday, February 18

Anne Katharina jubilerer

The mountain Queen, Anne Katharina, is 60 years old today. I have no problem telling the world about her age, because she is carrying all these numbers with beauty and dignity. I have known her for a number of years (> 30) and will celebrate her border-crossing later this year together with other friends in "Gamlegjengen" (the old Ålesund bunch)
This photo is taken almost five years ago at Bjorli.
and this one at Norddal last summer.
AnneKat, married to Asbjørn, have a beautiful second residence at Flemsøya, close to the North Sea, and we had a lovely week together last summer.
Once more Happy 60 year´s Birthday!


Anemone said...

Kjenner ikke den damen jeg da, men slenger ivei en hilsen ja. Utrolig sprek berte virker det til...

Og håper du har det bra på en onsdag du oså :-))

Anemone said...

Kjøp en firkantet blå torsk og server fruen :-))