Thursday, February 19

The day after or hangover

I was close to say that birthday celebrations sometimes may be a little heavy the day after. But knowing the fact that these photos on an ordinary Thursday has nothing to do with yesterday birthday, I use "Exhausted" only as an illustration of my works.
However, I still use some time in the studio and fight the troubles with bad depth sights and only the right eye open. Superior and inferior tarsus are closed with sutur stitches to hold tissue together.Maybe the eye troubles make results like this remembering a lady leaning on the wall and looking out the horizon.
Landscape paintings are not my favorite. In relation to the yesterday birthday girl, a painting of the "Storfjorden", "Sykkylven" and Skopphornet seams appropriate.
Have a nice World Campions TV Thursday.

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RuneE said...

Det må ha vært litt av en fest etter disse bildene å dømme...