Saturday, February 21

Satyrday Urban Life - Snow and more snow

Almost not possible walking the streets at "Vestre Uranienborg" at the moment. Loads of snow have landed, and no snow-plough available since the large clearing on Tuesday. Budget done.
Walking down to C.C. is a challenge these times, but no taxi, busses or trams are in traffic, so the only way is to be a pedestrian (as usual)
The city main street, Karl Johan, looked like this (ready for setting potatoes?),
but the Parliament was as beautiful as always. This Saturday without demonstrations, only snow, snow and more snow.

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RuneE said...

jeg ser jeg har noe å glede meg til når jeg kommer over...

PS Blir noe sporadisk blogging herfra de nærmeste ukene pga familiebegivenheter og "diverse".