Sunday, February 8

Breaking news . Australia

From David Mamahon I received this Breaking News a few minutes ago:
Horrific 24 hours in Victoria, Arne - with the worst death toll ever (by far) from bushfires.
We are safe, thank God, but an entire hillside community has been wiped out and others have been decimated.
Horrendous stories ... amazing bravery ..... heart-stopping tragedies.
We are a state in such deep mourning at the moment
God bless you for your thoughts .....

Read more (in Norwegian) VG NYTT
and Australian The Age
You are free to send David some thoughts.


Anemone said...

Å herre fred!!

Ingrid said...

Godt du hører at alt er ok med vennene!
Vi venter spent på livstegn fra våre som bor litt lengre øst...
Kikker videre hos deg mens jeg venter, - kom hit via VG.

david mcmahon said...

Thank you, Arne,

You are a very kind man. Our grief-stricken communities need all the support they can get - we've never seen devastation caused by bushfires on this scale.

On behalf of all those affected by the weekend fires, thank you for your kindness .....


Randi said...

Uff, det er aldeles forferdelig!