Wednesday, February 4

February weather in a 5 years perspective

People talk a lot about climate changes. Me too. The majority of "experts" expect the weather to be warmer, resulting in higher sea level, and have mostly decided that the global heating IS made by human activity only.
Some of us have more focus on the extreme rapid changes and the unexpected consequences of wrong weather forecasts, an see the variations more as part of normal fluctuations in the planet´s and the universe´s life cycle.
When visiting our summer residence today, the snow level and temperature was not extreme, but more normal (if it is possible to use that vocabulary) according to the season.Five years ago, in February, the real extreme weather situation could be seen as expressed through this photo. I was early that year when raking the leaves and dry grass from the autumn in 2003.

But those living in London and Paris (heavy snowfall) and David in Melbourne, Australia (heat and bush fires) see it probably in a more radical perspective.


Ivar Ivrig said...

Nei det er ikke godt å vite hva som styrer været. Klima har da skiftet så lenge det har vært en jordklode....
Ha en solrik fredag :-)

Ivar Ivrig said...

Dere får ha en flott torsdag først ;-)