Tuesday, February 17

Snow clearance - Update

This is an update of the first tuesday post. Did anyone say My World Tuesday?
My Album: Room with a view covers most of the photos taken during this winter´s street outlook including the snow clearance today.
However here is a brief review of today work in progress:
First cars had to be removed
Then heavy equipment was used to scrap the street and unfasten the ice before the rotary snow cutter moved it onto the lorry
Other parts of the clearance was done with tractors and grabs
I do not know the volumes in these trucks
But more than hundred were filled up and taken away.
Thanks for the help this year.


Ackworth born said...

Here we get a few inches of snow and complain like mad. These are great shots of how a city like Oslo copes with the amounts of snow you get.

Anemone said...

Ser ut til at du bor i et bra strøk foressten...

RuneE said...

De får det til når de først setter i gang!