Friday, February 27

Antarctic glaciers melting faster than thought

Associated Press has written an article about the climate challenges.
Glaciers in Antarctica are melting faster and across a much wider area than previously thought, a development that threatens to raise sea levels worldwide and force millions of people to flee low-lying areas, scientists said Wednesday."
I do not know if that is the reason why this lady is running up to the Nordmarka Forest (for skiing), but agree that if the sea level rise of 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century, the world will see millions of people migrate and seek a future in new areas. That is not why the sign at Ullevålseter shows the distance to Dakar (12924 km) Have a nice trip where ever you go this weekend.


Anemone said...

Tja, vet ikke helt hva jeg skal tro om denne klimakrisen jeg.

Uansett flotte bilder hos deg som vanlig, Tullen er `still beautiful` og jamen har dere oppholdsvær også.

Ha en flott fredag Arne. Denne damen gleder seg til snart rødvin og lakris, en vidunderlig kombinsjon

RuneE said...

La snøen være i Arktis og Antarktis, så slipper vi den. Søndag drar vi omtrent så langt syd som vi kan komme i dette landet.

Rob said...

Almost ALL people don't really pay attention to this issue. But they have to realize that the earth is turning into a time bomb. I could hardly imagine the water rising to a very threatening level. It's really pretty scary.