Tuesday, February 3

No simple solution - an energy technology revolution

Henrik O. Madsen President and Chief Executive Officer of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has written this article which I have "stolen" from the company´s Global websites

The Earth is getting warmer. We’re all aware of it, and we’re also aware that there is no simple solution to be found. The solution is a range of measures; an energy technology revolution. DNV is engaged in most parts of this revolution.

First of all, we have to use energy more efficiently. The International Energy Agency suggests that end-user efficiency could potentially account for 40% of CO2 reductions. DNV is involved in energy efficiency throughout its service range. For instance we’re working to make shipping more energy efficient, covering aspects ranging from low-resistance coating research to total energy management. Through our environmental management system certification services, we assist industry worldwide, across all sectors, in using energy more efficiently.

However, energy efficiency alone is not enough. We also need extensive research and development of renewable energy. All renewable energy sources will play an important part in the final solution. In DNV, we have defined a few areas on which to focus our efforts.
Wind technology is evolving and investors are open to the idea of being wind farmers. We are helping the wind industry to manage risk throughout the life cycle of their projects. More than 15 years’ experience of wind turbine certification makes DNV one of the wind industry’s pioneers. More and more wind farms are now situated offshore, giving DNV the opportunity to combine its technical skills to provide unique services. This also goes for the many concepts that are proposed for utilizing wave and tidal energy.
But even with full-speed ahead in both the efficiency and renewable directions, this will still not be enough. For this reason, huge investments are being made to develop technology for the capture and long-term safe storage of CO2.
Upcoming carbon capture and storage projects will need a range of established DNV services, and we’re already in full swing preparing for this opportunity.

In addition to all these efforts, green development mechanisms, including quota trading, have been defined under the EU Emissions trading scheme, Kyoto Protocol and in voluntary schemes to ensure the quality and speed of implementation worldwide. DNV has been involved in this field since 1997, and is today a world leading climate project verifier.

The final carbon solution is made up of an array of solutions, and a lot of small steps have to be taken to achieve the ambition. DNV is involved in many of these steps, striking a balance between business and society. We’re proud to play our part in the solution.
Henrik was Regional Manager in Japan during our stay in Asia before my transplantation, and on the photo below he (right second row - blue shirt) is taking us and other colleagues and friends in Japan on a rafting experience on the Hozugawa river from Kameoka to Kyoto.It is nice to see that this long journey (of a thousand miles) witch started with the first step back to the middle of 1800, is evolving.
Det Norske Veritas is an independent foundation with the objective of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. Our history goes back to 1864, when the foundation was established in Norway to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of Norwegian merchant vessels.
I am proud to be a pensioner from this organization.

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