Friday, February 13

Photo Safari and Happy Valentines day

As usual Friday afternoon is time for working people (and some disabled) to gather at "fru Burums" for a pint or some glass of wines.
Today the pub was completely full with teachers from Hartvig Nissen and employees from NAV Frogner, tired from all the work-searching persons knocking on the door after 3 pm when the office was closed due to weekend and winter holiday in Oslo.
Take contact with Salvation Army, they advised.

The senior bartender celebrated his 40 years birthday on this Friday 13th, and lot of friends wanted to greet him at the pub with flowers, gifts and champagne. The building above is not presently hosting the pub, but a lot of possibilities may occur if we get rid of the ancient custom like the monarchy, and the Riksantikvaren does not always get his wiches come through. If King Harald wants company for his Friday afternoon drink, we are ready in short notice.
On our way to our "local" we passed the royal castle (building above) seeing the statue of Maud of Wales (our Queen Maud)I don´t know anything about the relation between Queen Maud and King Haakon on Valantines Day, but I am quite sure that the PR Towers during their reign did not look like thisHappy Valentine!


RuneE said...

Det siste var jo det beste da...

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Great that snow Arne, we have som snow too...

Happy weekendwishes and,
Happy Valentine wishes for you , your family and friends, from JoAnn's D Eyes /Holland

GAWO said...

Fin serie med bilder. Jeg likte slottet med snøen veldig godt. Uvanlig vinkel.

Kan du ikke tromme sammen et bloggtreff? Ser ut til at du har lokalene klar. :-)
Ønsker deg og din fru en fin helg og kos dere sammen på Valentine dagen.

Håper det går på fram med øyet ditt.

GAWO said...

he he. Du får nå sagt det! :-)
Tror du ikke Sonja blogger? Joda hun gjør helt sikkert det. Vi får ta oss tid og lete etter spor slik at vi til slutt har "ringet" henne inn. :-)