Tuesday, February 3

Photo Safari in Wales and Oslo

We all heard or read about the heavy snowfall in London (cost 3 bn Pound) and Paris yesterday and during last night. The situation this morning in southern Wales can be seen on the photo received from my daughter Trine. Wales is located at Latitude N52 (same level as Kassel south of Hamburg, Germany) while Oslo is at 60 degrees north.

My granddaughter Helene is playing in front of their car, building a snowman and feeling happy about this strange white winter day. (School closed?)In Oslo the weather is completely different. Although we measured minus 8 C this morning, the sun felt really "warm" when passing the Royal Castle. The castle framed in white snow and the blue sky had to be shot by my iPhone camera.
Further down on my way to the dentist, the fountain at the National Theatre had no sparkling water this Tuesday. The ice (3cm thick) was broken, and almost no people were out strolling.
I had to pick up a photo from last summer to show you how it can be.


Anemone said...

Jøss så blid hun var Helene da, for barna bare må jo dette være helt toppers!! Sikkert ikke hverdagskost med slikt et snøfall og lek utendørs. Hun skinner jo hele jenta jo :-))

Men at "de" ringte Tromsø for å få råd da gitt :-))

RuneE said...

Jeg må si kongen har slanket seg...