Thursday, February 5

Border trade saves money

In England people go to France to save money when shopping. In Denmark they travel to Germany, Germans go to Italy, and in Sweden you see loads of shopping bags on the ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg.
In southeast Norway we take our "Harry"-tours across the border to Strømstad, Sweden for wine and Nordby Shopping centre for grocery.On an ordinary Thursday with fog and last night wet snow on the motorway, the shopping mall was almost empty, and the trolleys were available for loads of meat, pastas, etc., and of course in addition the allowed (go on green) volume of wines. At home the bag content showed almost 20 dinners and other food merchandises at half the price of Norwegian shops (including 15% discount related to currency). No question that "Harry"-trips are of great value.
The border trade will increase as long as our own agricultural and food policies are to protect Norwegian farmers instead of supporting us as consumers. In September we have election to the Parliament.


John said...

Det hender at vi tar turen over grensen også. Det er vel ikke all verden å spare i disse dager men det er jo morro å ta en tur lell :)
Noen kaller det å dra på fleske safari også :)

Anemone said...

Hallois Harry Arne :-))

Ble det noe snop??? i pose eller flaske??