Wednesday, February 11

Beyond the tragedy in Australia

You have probably seen pictures of the fireman in Australia giving water to a koala bear. You can see the video from 7 News here, but more interesting you may find David Mcmahoon´s blogpost D is for Desolation where he describes the after fire situation from his location
The situation in the state of Victoria is improving and David writes:
But here in the black landscape, there is an invisible miracle of which we cannot yet see tangible evidence. There will soon be regrowth occurring.

Strange though that might seem, it is true. The seed pods of these native Australian trees are only opened by intense heat. A bushfire is nature’s way of regeneration. In a fortnight or so, there will be a new leaf here, a tentative young branch there.

The landscape will reveal patches of growth. By mid-autumn, this place will be a concerto of colours and there will be fresh green emerging from the blackened trunks.
Nature is strong. Let us take care of it.

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Ivar Ivrig said...

Ja er det ikke snedig hvordan verden kan komme seg etter slike tøffe hendelser.
Håper forresten at alt står bra til med deg også Arne. Følger med deg sjø. Ønsker deg alt vel og krysser fingre for en rask "recovery"